Конвертирование сигналов шины I-BUS в PPM

Автор: bangs6996 Длительность: 00:21:06
Опубликовал: Виктор UA6EM 11.05.2018
flysky fs-i6 to 10 channel, I show how to install ibus2ppm on a arduin...
flysky fs-i6 to 10 channel, I show how to install ibus2ppm on a arduino for using it on a apm2.6 or factory cx20 apm open source.
A user alex56ma Myasichev pointed out that you can in-fact use 8 channels ppm with mission planner and the ia6b. if you are happy with just the 8 channels 2 dips for flightmodes and 2 variable dials .you don't need to do this mod or get the 10 channel ia10.
I made a update video using the ppm here

Here is part one of the project

upgrading your flysky fs-i6 to 10 channels through firmware
and hardware.

personally using a fs-ia10 is allot faster and not much more after you put the cost of the arduino. so if if you have the option just get the ia10.  

I include two firmware files
one that swaps channel 5 and 6
and one that does not.

You can fallow the link bellow ."source of information"
for the source code so you can tweak it your self if need be.

Package location:

source of information:

https://goo.gl/mGLCCr  //10ch ia10
https://goo.gl/xMXkr6  //6ch ia6b   8 confirmed with ppm
https://goo.gl/90xIFK   // fs-i6 with ia6b
https://goo.gl/aPvNnv  //fs-i6 with ia6 .you need to get eitther ia6b or ia10 separately

http://goo.gl/Jf8tnZ arduino nano

https://goo.gl/wFGdsw   // get this cable to easy program your flysky through the port on the back

I might pinout the original apm atmel chip and see if I can get the code to work on that chip one day..but doubtful, I'm lazy ishhhh.

but for now this will at least enable i-bus on apm 2.6
i-bus on apm ..


If I help you in the comments don't ever feel obligated to donate.
all money will go towards future video's
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